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गोवर्धन गौ सेवा

In India and other countries, people worship the cow as a mother. Cow Mata is being worshiped not only today but from the time of Puranas. No matter how much the times have changed, the cow is still equally revered and vital. Even today its usefulness has not diminished. On religious festivals, rituals are still worshiped in many sections. Lord Krishna has also grown up living with the cow and also used to do the work of rearing the cow. Hence the cow is also addressed by the name of Gopal, and it is said that Gau Mata.


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According to the Hindu religion, all the deities reside in Gaumata. From human birth drinking cow milk to cow urine is used in worship and finally, cow dung sanctifies the actions of a human being. We cannot repay the debt of cow’s benevolence even in this birth, so cow donation is considered the best charity. In many slaughterhouses around the world, lakhs of cows are slaughtered for meat every day, some thousands of cows are saved/rescued by the police/people from slaughterhouses are nurtured in these Gauseva Gaushala Kendra run by our organization on 30 acres of land.

I request all of you cow devotees to help in giving life to these cows, your contribution helps to rehabilitate and nurture such cows. You can donate any amount according to your own wish to Gaumata by choosing one of the hundreds of cows in the name of the institution and getting a receipt with your name and address. You can also become a lifetime member of the organization for an amount of ₹ 5001/-. For more information, log in to the organization’s website and you can donate to the account given below.

Secretary’s Message


I, as the secretary of these institutions, request to extend a helping hand to all the cow devotees to overcome the shortage of fodder, water, and medicine from this corona – 19 pandemic. You willingly can contribute to our Gaushala and come to the Gaushala and help us to emerge from the crisis.

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or any other event in Gaushala or you want to take blessings of Gaumata, the organization is committed to making arrangements for all this work. If any cow devotee wants to give his service to the Gaushala, then I welcome him.

In the year 2022, the goal is to build a shed, water pump (solar), compound wall, and 10 quarters, for the accommodation of 5000 cows in the Gaushala, the cost of which is estimated at 40,00,000 / – INR (forty lakhs). The goods used in this work can be sent to the address of the Gaushala by any cow devotee, any limited company can help the organization by giving its CSR fund to the Gaushala, the organization welcomes all of you.



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नाम – लक्ष्मी बहुउद्देशीय संस्था

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